Exterior Construction

  • 2×6 exterior walls with 1/2″ O.S.B. Board sheeting.
  • Windows and doors throughout are the highest quality Anderson “Perma- Shield” and sealed with clear silicone caulking.
    Entrance doors are Stanley (or equal) insulated metal weather- stripped doors.
  • Master keyed Schlage locks are used on all entrance doors; each common entrance door key will also exclusively open each unit’s front door and storage facility.
  • Architectural grade Thirty year asphalt shingles are used on all pitched roofs.
  • Membrane rubber with copper and aluminum flashing is used on all flat roofs. Roof drains are installed in all major flat roof areas.
    Heavy duty self-sealing ice and water shield is used under all starter courses of shingles, in all roof valleys, and against all dormer cheeks.
  • The rear portion of decks is bolted to the frame of the structure and concrete piles support the bases. Facing the ocean, additional weather protection is added by bolting through a self-sealing whether shield and covering this assembly with custom fabricated flashing.
  • The exterior sheathing is wrapped with “Tyvek” house wrap and sided with grade “B” extra clear cedar shingles. All trim is Pine that has been backed, primed and finished with three coats of latex acrylic paint. All exposed fences, deck railings and walkway are pressure treated lumber.
  • First level decks are screened from adjacent units with fencing or lattice work. Second level decks have a solid wall separator between decks.

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