Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When will ocean point be completed?
A. We currently are in the seventh year of an expected eight-year building plan. Building #4 at the highlands is completed with all units sold.

Q. What is the purpose of finishing unit by unit?
A. This process is for the benefit of the buyer. By waiting until each unit is reserved, we are able to customize the interior to the specifications of the buyer. As each stage is completed, pre-construction choices become limited and changes become more expensive.

Q. What are the advantages of reserving a unit during the pre-construction phase?
A. The buyer has more input when construction has not begun, and a selection of variations in floor plans as well as custom features. Any changes made to completed work shall be at an additional cost to Buyer.

Q. How many units will there be?
A. There are 108 units. Thirty-four are the dunes (four free-standing on the dunes) and five buildings (three completed and occupied) on the highlands.

Q. How many affordable units will there be?
A. There will be nineteen “Gannets,” or moderate income units, on the highlands. These units are four first time buyers only. There are six in 4 Highland Terrace, six in 24 Highland Terrace, four in 30 Highland Terrace, one in 29 Highland Terrace, and two in 25 Highland Terrace.

Q. What are the regulations regarding rentals?
A. Short term rentals are not permitted. The regulations for “The Dunes” are: no more than 20% of the total units may be rented at 1 time; they may rented twice each year, never for less than one month. “The Highlands” may rent up to 20% of the units for six month periods. Presently only two units in the entire complex are rented.

Q. What do the condo fees include?
A. The fees include all exterior maintenance of the buildings and common areas, a master insurance plan and repair work for damage covered by the master insurance plan, water and sewer, use of amenities, trash, snow plowing, shoveling, and Beach maintenance.

Q. When are interior problems covered by the association insurance policy?
A. Interior problems that are caused by a problem in another unit or one in the common areas are covered by the master policy. (For example, if a pipe within a walls breaks and leaks working through your ceiling, the resultant damage would be covered by the master policy.)

Q. Is ocean point in a flood zone?
A. Ocean point is in Zone “C” which is “unlikely to flood.” Flood insurance is not required.

Q. Should I insure my interior walls and ceilings?
A. Since there could be damage from within your unit to these areas, insuring them is recommended. The cost of this addition to your policy is low. See your insurance agent for additional information regarding your personal insurance plan.

Q. Are pets permitted at Ocean Point?
A. All pets must be approved in writing by the condo trustees. Pets of 25 pounds or less are allowed.

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