• All utilities are underground.
  • Water is supplied by the Town of Plymouth.
  • Electricity is supplied by Nstar.
  • Propane gas is supplied to each building from two 1000 gallon underground storage containers. Each unit has a usage meter. Gas piping is installed for heating, hot water and is available for cooking at an additional cost.
  • Sewage is treated on site by Association owned and operated rotating biological contractor plant. The treatment is a multi phase process utilizing bacteria digestion of the effluent coupled with mechanical processing. The plant has the capacity to treat 30,000 gallons of sewage per day. The facility is equipped with a diesel generator that automatically supplies power to the plant if public power is interrupted. The leaching field is 110‘x110‘, 16 feet below ground level under the tennis courts. The treatment facility is for the exclusive use of condominium owners.
  • Each site is supplied with an enclosed rubbish dumpster.
  • Each pair of buildings has a mail house with a private Box for each unit. There is also a bulletin board message center in each mail house.

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